PTS Security Services provides a 24/7 patrol division. With multiple marked units throughout the City of Los Angeles and Southern California

Dedicated Officers
We offer a “Dedicated Officer” program that provides our clients with a dedicated officer on their property. These officers never leave the client premises. This ensures clients with 24/7 guard services.

Additionally, when a client contracts PTS for onsite Security Services, they are not just receiving the onsite Security Officer, they are receiving the whole force of the Patrol Division backing that onsite officer in the instance of a major incident. This is at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE CLIENT.

Alarm Response
We offer a low-cost solution and unlimited alarm response for our clients 24/7.

Vacation Watches
Our clients can rest assured when on vacation, that their home and property are safe. Our uniform officers will conduct exterior foot patrols during visits, picking up allotted mail and  checking for any maintenance issues that arise. With this, no one passing by will even think our client is on vacation.

PTS surveys the rise of crime activities in the City of Los Angeles and its neighborhoods. We conduct crime surveys quarterly to monitor trends. This enables us to provide better strategies to protect clients. Police statistics show an alarming increase in residential burglaries, robberies, home invasions and assaults. PTS has created several programs to deter crime activity. We provide “HIGH VISIBILITY” presence when we are out in the field.

Mobile Data Computers
Every Patrol vehicle is equipped with our own software technology. On-board computer system allows officers and supervisors to send messages, pictures and citations to clients and management in rapid speed. This system allows the clients to view any patrol incident reports, citations issued, mainte-nance reports or any of our over 40 forms FREE OF CHARGE.

GeoFence-Onsite Notifications
Clients/property managers can view the automated GeoFence generated report anytime. It will show entry and exit time of each officer on property.