PTS SECURITY SERVICES – Established in 2001 with the community in mind, our company strives to incorporate client’s needs and demands. We use the most up-to-date technology available to better serve our community. As our motto states “Exceeding Expectations”. PTS Security officers and clients work collectively to maintain order and continue a smooth day-to-day operation.

We staff 24 hour operations and a dispatch center to expedite response to emergency calls, coordinate field operations, and process daily reports. We employ a unique database technology that is exclusively built and designed by and for PTS Security Services for reporting and documenting information on event incidents, trespass warnings and parking violations.


Above and Beyond the Norm

Most “guard” companies just require a security registration and a body – that is what their clients receive. At PTS, you will receive Patrol Officers who have the state minimum requirements, but the additional training to handle any situation, whether it be minor or a crisis. Our officers will shape to the client’s needs because that is the biggest difference between us and the run of the mill company: adaptability to all situations.


Officer Training Program

Unlike most other security companies, PTS strives to exceed expectations because that is what clients have come to expect; not only does PTS meet state-mandated minimum training standards, PTS goes above and beyond to train its individual officers in officer safety, communication skills, firearm training above the state standard and various other categories that make our officers who they are and the name PTS has shown it can be.

Our in-house training is handled by law enforcement (active and retired) officers who know the security world and what clients should receive, service wise. Because a lot of the administration is either prior law enforcement or military, the training our Patrol Officers receive is eerily similar to that of a small law enforcement agency; you receive the law enforcement approach to your problems, not the all-too-similar “We called the police for you because we can’t do anything” approach.


Weapon Training

Because our training is in-house from law enforcement officers, we receive in-depth training in firearms, baton use, OC spray use and handcuffing techniques, because we do make the arrests when a crime has been committed towards our client and their community. Community safety is our top priority and that is why we have also recently introduced the TASER training program to all of our officers and have began deploying Patrol Officers with life-saving TASER weapons, just like most law enforcement agencies in the country. This is one way PTS exceeds expectations.


Gang Suppression 

Due to the high volume of gang activity that has been on the rise, PTS has deployed a Gang Suppression training module that all officers must complete before being certified as a Patrol Officer for PTS. Some companies offer Gang Suppression programs at an additional cost as special detail, but at PTS, you receive that service free of charge when you contract out your patrol services to us. Say goodbye to your gang activity like vandalism, break-ins, gang fights and all around suspicious gang loitering.